Il Caffe dei Garibaldi - Professional Use

Our professional range of coffee is supplied in beans with a packed weight of 1kg. There are several types to suit all tastes from the competitively priced Espresso Bar to the luxurious tasting Top Bar. All products sold are controlled directly from the place of origin to its manufacturing in Italy. Please see below for details of the coffee available. Upon request, we are happy to supply a small sample of each so a decision on preference can be made.

Please see our contact details if you have any enquiries.

Top bar

Our best coffee selected for the best restaurants and bars. A delicate and aromatic taste
20% Robusta from Vietnam & Uganda
80% Arabica Santos, Brazil & Djimma


£8 per kilo + shipping
Finely ground coffee for a top quality taste
50% Robusta from Vietnam & Uganda
50% Arabica from Djimma - Santos

Dolce Gusto

£6 per kilo + shipping
Sweet and Aromatic

60% Robusta from Vietnam & Uganda
40% Arabica from Santos & Cerrado

Espresso Bar

An aromatic flavour with a creamy texture. Just like the coffees served in Italy.
100% Robusta from Vietnam & Uganda